Diving Heart is a collection by Y.C.B. (Young Chinese Blood),  a lifestyle product concept co-created by Xing Zhao.


The name “Diving Heart” originated from the internationally renown visual artist Francesco Clemente’s large scale wall painting “The Diver”. The term “Diving Heart” refers to one’s taking the leap, diving in, and going after one’s dream without holding back. 

The Collection

Diving heart poster

The collection features small leather goods, messenger tote bags, and limited edition T shirts. Different from Y.C.B.’s previous collections, Diving Heart is younger, more urban, street chic, and unisex. Minimalistic style and monochromic color are the key tones of this brand new collection. The t shirt features a gray color style with large print of the “Diving Heart” logo in white and a black color style with “潜水心”,the Chinese translation of “Diving Heart” printed in white. 

Diving heart black tee jump



Bold slogan is used as a theme of the Diving Heart messenger totes. The quote ““Reshape environment; don’t try to reshape man” is a question as well as discussion of the relationship between individuals and the bigger environment and society we live in.

“Should the individual change oneself to fit in the bigger environment/society one lives in, or should the individual try to change our environment?”

Reshape all.001

“Taking a leap” and “falling” are the two actions Diving Heart applies in the style of this collection. It is never easy to acquire the courage of “taking a leap” or to overcome the fear of “falling”, however, both actions must be taken in order for one to achieve a “break-through”.

Diving Heart falling bags new

Leather Cardholder

Expertly crafted from pebble-grain leather, this dark green/burgundy leather cardholder is practical yet discreetly stylish. The silk and cotton blend lining is a refined detail to be discovered. Multiple compartments make it a handsome accessory for a gentleman to organize his essential cards and cash in a stylish fashion.

Green cardholder by Y.C.B.

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