A Single Man: When You Are Too Old to Live but Too Young to Die

A single man novel

By Xing Zhao

A single man book review by Xing Zhao

I finished reading this book when I was staying in a small mountain village near Hangzhou, China. Like how its history to me began in a mountain, it was also in a mountain when I closed the book. A sea of green sprawled towards where the eyes were able to reach, only that the snow caps in the Italian Alps were replaced by inescapable heat and mugginess.

Manjuelong 2

“Poor man,” Mrs Strunk, George’s neighbor thinks, “living there all alone.”

Every week my cleaning lady comes to the house, I imagine that’s what she thinks.

But, life of a single man isn’t all despondent. The funny moments, the fire, the rainbows, the blaze, and the big sea waves in the dark which George rides on and dives into so fearlessly and carelessly, come into life unexpectedly, as they appear in George’s in the story, fill my heart with joy, because one ought to fight the world as long as he lives, because that is the only way to live.


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