My piece on Lin Tianmiao for AD China

My piece on the Chinese conceptual artist Lin Tianmiao and her most recent exhibition Systems at Shanghai’s Rockbund Art Museum is now out in the September issue of AD China.

This was probably one of the most intense interviews I’ve ever done. The moment of me conducting the interview was accidentally captured by a photographer friend on camera.

I’ve got to say, intense people are… intense. This reminds me of another contemporary artist I worked with for a very long time.

Xing Zhao interviewing Lin TianmiaoAD Lin Tianmiao final 1

AD Lin Tianmiao final 2


Published by

Xing Zhao

Xing Zhao is a Shanghai-based writer and editor specializing in travel, lifestyle, arts and culture. His writing has appeared in CNN, Time Out, OutThere Magazine, City Weekend, Zing, Metropolis, and Men’s Uno. He writes in both English and Mandarin Chinese. To contact him, please email at

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